Warden’s Watch [Power of Friendship Set – 1 of 4]

$ 4.99

The Power of Friendship Set contains 4 spells each representing the nature of bonds within the four factions of Phoenix Covenant. Purchasing this product will reserve one (1) limited-print edition card entitled “Warden's Watch” – note: available for a limited time only!

Tenskatawa and its great swamps continue to protect the Tenskan lizardfolk in a ballet of danger and beauty. It is a solemn promise of Tenskan sentinels and wardens to not only protect and preserve life of all sorts in the swamplands, but also to prevent enemies of the great swamp or of its creatures from ever being able to live to tell their wrathful stories. It is rare that their watchful eyes miss any evil done in the swamps – and even rarer that these foes are left without a scratch.

This card gives the spell-caster the ability to call in a squad of wardens who will strike any enemy that tries to harm a previously-wounded friendly unit. The message is simple: any further harm done against this ally will mean instant damage to any attacker. Use for territory control or to perform quick-strike combos. Explore your options. It is up to you to try your hand at winning the battle with clever measures like these.

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