Core Game Set (Limited Edition)

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About the Game
Own a copy of a game that's been called by fans as “a mix of Magic and FF Tactics.” In Phoenix Covenant, you are a commander in the Phoenix Legion looking to become the best of them all. Every game in the competitive mode is a combat challenge that will test your ability, your skill, and your strengths. Can you create the best army, skillfully use the best spells and support your forces with great structures while outwitting your opponent? If you have what is takes, you will rise through the ranks and become the greatest general, and lead the Phoenix Legion against the ever-strengthening and ever-mysterious force of The Cataclysm!

What's inside?
Limited Edition print! 200+ cards across 4 pre-built decks and an expansion pack, a beautiful manual that includes how-to-play tutorials, and specially-designed resource trackers. All in one amazing box.

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