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Hidden Refuge [Power of Friendship Set – 3 of 4]

$ 4.99

The Power of Friendship Set contains 4 spells each representing the nature of bonds within the four factions of Phoenix Covenant. Purchasing this product will reserve one (1) limited-print edition card entitled “Hidden Refuge” – note: available for a limited time only!

The time around the Exile was a difficult one for many of those who would become the people of The North. Many people were targeted, sought because they were seen as dissidents and bad for the Empire. There were allies who offered safe havens, people who risked much for the sake of freedom and respect for all. Sometimes a small hiding-hole is a saving grace.

This card gives the spell-caster the ability to protect certain units on the field from any enemy spells or enemy abilities. That can mean a tremendous moment on the battlefield combined with a shocking turn of events. It could be part of a strategy of protection, or a strategy of battlefield bait-and-switch. It is up to you to try your hand at winning the battle with clever methods like these.

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