Epic Character: Tasarion

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Get this Limited-Print Alternate Card Version of Tasarion with different abilities than you have seen before! Hurry and get yours now while supplies last!

Purchases reserve one (1) card named “Tasarion, Tomekeeper,” a limited time only card for you.

Tasarion, Tomekeeper is a combo-maker. Tasarion is a crafter of battlefield shifts in power and plays with what knowledge each player has of each other – usually to your own advantage, of course. Tasarion is a strong unit and can augment forces that you have alongside this great titan. Prepare for a challenge in using Tasarion well, but feel very proud of yourself as a commander who knows how to wield the powerful knowledge Tasarion can give to you!

Limited time only!
“Epic” character cards come in different styles and forms, and they all relate to a special character in the grand story of Phoenix Covenant. Some might be relatively weak units and some may be great champions, but they all play a role in not only the story of the fight against The Cataclysm, but also on the battlefield under your command! They will only be available in limited quantities – so get yours now so that you can make your decks extra unique.

Note: orders of this product are on back-order but can still be reserved, so order now!

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