Entropic Resurrection [Power of Friendship Set – 4 of 4]

$ 4.99

The Power of Friendship Set contains 4 spells each representing the nature of bonds within the four factions of Phoenix Covenant. Purchasing this product will reserve one (1) limited-print edition card entitled “Entropic Resurrection” – note: available for a limited time only!

Death does not deter the people of The Ravaged Lands. They have been blessed (and some would say, cursed) with the ability to change the decay and lifeforce of different living things. This is entropic necromancy, a form of magic that allows the Ravaged Landers to fight back against vicious Dragons destroying their homeland, to survive against onslaughts of marauders and raiders attacking their villages, and to strive for the promise of saving their nation against The Cataclysm.

This card gives the spell-caster the ability to resurrect defeated units for every enemy the caster's forces defeat. Timed well and it can swing the balance of power on the field and bring you to victory. It is up to you to try your hand at winning the battle with tricks like these.

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