Deflect [Power of Friendship Set – 2 of 4]

$ 4.99

The Power of Friendship Set contains 4 spells each representing the nature of bonds within the four factions of Phoenix Covenant. Purchasing this product will reserve one (1) limited-print edition card entitled “Deflect” – note: available for a limited time only!

While the Natural World has fallen into disarray, un-civil war, and many would say total chaos, the Spirit World has its own share of discord. Because the Natural and Spirit Worlds are so intertwined because of the spirits of Tír na Ten, it is not uncommon to find spirits doing the same kind of battle as the animal samurai clans of the Natural World. It's just that spirits, the sidhekami, tend to have far more spectacular powers used to harm – and to protect.

This card gives the spell-caster the ability to split damage to other players when a target has been attacked. Sometimes a small difference in combat damage can mean a big change in the balance of power. It could mean a moment of great triumph by turning the tide of a key fight between champions, or it could mean the chance to preserve your forces for another day. It is up to you to try your hand at winning the battle with tricks like these.

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