3 x Epic Art Card: Lone Ronin

$ 14.99

Get this “Epic” art version of the steadfast Lone Ronin! Purchases of this group of three (3) cards will reserve these limited time only cards for you.

The Lone Ronin is an excellent core unit to any combat force. A solid early-game unit and certainly not one to forget in the mid-game for sneaking damage against your foes. With a solid 2 Move value, you can quickly maneuver the Lone Ronin throughout the battlefield. And it's especially good at finding weakpoints. Hardy in the early-game, imagine the ways you can add this great blade-master into your forces!

Limited time only!
“Epic” art versions are versions of your favorite cards with cool and unique alternate art that will only be available in limited quantities – so get yours now so that you can make your decks extra unique.

Note: orders of this product are on back-order but can still be reserved, so order now!


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