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Hikari Games
Based in Trenton, NJ

Release Date:
December 2016


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Phoenix Covenant, designed and developed by Hikari Games, is a tactics battle card game that blends traditional card-game play with a rich, uniquely-created high-fantasy universe with a deep, tactical environment on a square-grid battlefield where the 99th time playing with the same deck is as fun if not more so than the first and enjoyable to newcomer and veteran alike.

In competitive play, two sides face each other in an epic, strategic, and remarkably tactical battle. The goal for each side is the same: reduce your opponent’s Life Total to zero. Damage can be dealt to each side’s Base by attacking their Base directly or attacking their strategic Hardpoints – armored redoubts near each Base – using units that they have deployed to the field.
In order to achieve this goal, each side brings into play a deck, which may be completely designed by a player, oriented toward a personally-chosen strategy. Drawing cards each turn and managing their resources, players must choose how to execute their strategy and adapt to ever-evolving situations on the field.
Players must outmaneuver foes and create tactical formations by turning one’s cards, outwit others with well-timed unit abilities, combos and spells, and outplay opponents by taking advantage of our unique special-summoning Commander Cards, directional armor and weakpoints (watch out for critical hits!), and field-based Structure Cards.


  • Awesome forward-deploying commander units
  • Totally tactical & strategic play
  • Unique Armor & Weakpoints characteristics for directional-attacks
  • Structure cards that grant local or global benefits
  • Custom deckbuilding
  • A community built around gamers and fair-play
  • 100s of combos to discover and plan!

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Card Art

What’s in the box?

  • 200+ cards across 4 pre-built decks
  • a 40-card expansion deck + additional cards
  • a beautiful 22 x 28 inch foldable game-board
  • 100 tokens for magic effects, buffs, and de-buffs
  • a full-art manual with easy-to-follow tutorial puzzles
  • and 2 custom, specially-designed resource trackers

Logo & Graphics

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Articles & Mentions
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Awards & Accolades

  • Selected for and Featured in the PAX South Indie Tabletop Showcase 2016
  • Selected for and Featured in the PAX West Indie MEGABOOTH 2016
  • 5% of 800+ playtesters continue to rate Phoenix Covenant 11 or 12 out of 10
  • Average game rating overall: 8.2 out of 10

: Game Credits & Contact

Design Credits: Art & UI Design By: Backed By:
Easwaran Subbaraman AGL Studios Go to the Wall of Backers!
Sriraman Subbaraman Valeria Lutfullina  
Soren Fox Joshua Calloway
Adam Porroni Gunship Revolution Studios
Robyn Natalie Lau
  Saar Bodman
Meysa Boers
Kiana Shae Reed
Dyana Wang
Kim Sokol
Cyril Sinel
Gong Studios
Dimas Wilij Pamungkas