Tír na Ten

Two Worlds, One Discord

The courts of two worlds tend a fragile peace, having formed a tenuous alliance to protect the each side from the other. The Animal clans vie for control, influence, even just relevance, often to the detriments of the spirits that reside in their world. Spirits, often bound to sanctified sites, possess great power, and that power is feared, respected, and by some, sought. But the Animals are not safe either, whether by simple ignorance or through a more directed malice, sprits can cause great harm to Animals, making the lands of Tír na Ten dangerous to those who don’t, or can’t, pay heed.

The Animals

Divided into many samurai clans mainly defined by region, they live a life requiring discipline demanded both by the threat of other clans and by getting on the wrong side of a wayward spirit. While the chief clans currently hold the sanctified seats of power for the Sun, Moon, and Earth courts respectively, lesser clans hold sites of their own, and seek to foment and grow their power. Bears fight using claw and sword attacks that hit multiple foes, relying on their health, and their ferocity to win battles. Wolves fight through strength in numbers, gaining protection or the ability to strike a foe from multiple sides at once, and exercising their speed to circle around enemies and attack weakpoints.

The Spirits

The spirit world is home to myriad of sidhekami. Any semblance of order comes from the Faerie Courts, led by powerful spirits who seek to maintain the unsteady equilibrium between with the Animals and with each other. Still, many spirits maintain their independence, caring not for matters of the physical world, or unfettered by other spirits. Other beings like foxes exist between the two worlds. As they gain tails, they gain increasing access to the power and magic of the spirit world. A multi-tailed fox is no trifling matter on the battlefield. Sidhekami often fight both malicious spirits and malicious animals with trickery and curses that enfeeble opponents, or simply remove them from a fight. Greater spirits can tap the immense energy of the spirit world, granting them abilities that span the battlefield and even reach remote generals.

The Cataclysm

The scourge of The Cataclysm has already claimed the peace of the three courts as its victim. The three heads of the main Spirit Courts find themselves enfeebled. As the balance of power drastically shifts, both the spirit world and the animal world find themselves embroiled in a war for power, prestige, and preservation.

Can heroes from both worlds band together to stem the tide of the cataclysm, or will they fall to infighting or greater, yet unseen threats?