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The Factions

Ravaged Lands
Tir na Ten

The World & The Cataclysm

The universe has been consumed by chaos: Old balances are destroyed, Fortune finds the unfortunate, and Entire worlds are brought to ruin. No one knows why these events are occurring, or what this phenomenon’s source is, but those most familiar with its effects call it “The Cataclysm”.

The Angel, a witness to what she views and a devastating threat to the universe, also feels her power ebbing, and knows that it won’t be long before the Cataclysm consumes her capability to fight it. She reaches out and convinces 4 other demigods to abandon the universe in order to save it, constructing a world in a pocket universe/realm untouched by the Cataclysm.

The Cataclysm

What is the Cataclysm?

Unknown to many, yet consuming worlds across the universe, The Cataclysm is a force to be reckoned with - or else.

An uncertain future.

This is why we need able officers like yourself to save this universe from this great threat!

Join the Phoenix Legion!

The Phoenix Covenant

Together, The Five forge the Phoenix Covenant, a pledge to end the cataclysm and mend the harm it has caused. However, while their power is preserved, the Five are essentially trapped in their realm, unable to lead the fight. In their stead, the Angel creates the Phoenix Legion, a group of explorers, builders, paladins and warriors, all of whom pledge the covenant and fight the cataclysm and its effects in the Five’s stead.

Now, at the Dawn of the Legion, the Five are looking for talented generals to lead the Legion against the Cataclysm. You are one such potential General, plucked from your world having pledged the Phoenix Covenant, and placed in the Capitol Academy. Here, you will train with your compatriots, learning battlefield strategy, diplomacy, magic, and all the skills required to deal with the wide array of Cataclysmic events. One day, when you are deemed ready, you will lead Legionnaires to victory.

The Dawn of the Legion

The Angel has sent Heralds to many worlds. Their purpose is to investigate possible Cataclysmic events, source allies, and scout worlds for the Legion.

Maya and Lore, both Heralds of the Phoenix, have scouted two worlds for Legion operations, and part of your training will involve simulated conflicts with warriors and champions from these worlds. Both worlds have been victims of the cataclysm, although the effects have been varied. Tune in weekly as reports come back detailing the worlds, their factions, and what events have transpired.

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