Playtesting in the Morning, Playtesting at Supper-time


Getting down to real, really great, business!  The game evolved yesterday into something that feels like we have crossed our Rubicon.  OK, let me manage those expectations a little bit…

We tried an entirely new core mechanic based on another bit of input from our playtesters.  Orientation.  We’ve found – and our next playtests supported (but have yet to prove) – that this reduces the chaotic nature of the Play and gives the player more tactical elements to consider, but in a more intuitive way.

Overall, the game is even more fun than it was before, the decks – the many, many decks – that we’ve all built are nicely varied and we can see a universe of strategies rising out of them.

Once we get that video camera set up, we’ll be posting playthroughs.  Setting up that YouTube channel now.

And now, a word from our playtesters


So yeah, we’re still playtesting.  Seems like structures are becoming dominant and we might need to nerf ’em.  They are still playing like strategic points, so that’s good.  And everyone has been liking them, so that’s a plus as well.

Crunching Numbers – And Awaiting More


I (Adam) am still in the thick of the numbers game.  Rest of the team still playtesting (see next post).  Quotes will take a while, but I’m confident that we’re in a good place.  Still awaiting one of our first-choices to get back to us, so time will tell.

So excited.  This thing is jelling already.

‘Quote-able Quote-age’


Now we’re talking.  Some amazeballs, ahem, excellent quotes came in from a couple finalists for our manufacturer. Getting to work on quoting some crowdfunding perks.

Let me (Adam, resident accountant) just get my pen…and a calculator.

The Bidding Begins!


I (Adam) have been contacting manufacturers all last- and this- week.  Got good info, some were really lame, and a couple are really, really promising.  Some took everything very seriously, went as far as to call us personally and assign an agent to us.

Our vision for this game is awesome (at least in our minds! ;-D ), and we’re looking for a great manufacturer who wants to help us forward that vision.

Getting close.  Updates to follow!

More Playtesting


Ran through with friends, so far some ‘bugs’ in the economy mechanics, and we’ll need to fix those up post-haste.  We think we have a solution, but ‘no plan survives contact with the enemy’ or something like that.

Good news though – a visitor to our place (potential roommate) even liked it, and we didn’t show him the finished cards.

Art. Awesome Art.


A wonderful welcome to our new artist!  We had a ton of responses, and so many were really good, it’s a great thing to see so much talent out there.  Consider this post an early introduction, more to come soon.  Including card samples.

Truly Thrilling Times


This is our first post (yep, good one Capt. Obvious), but there’s been a lot happening up to now.

Finished our first real playtests.  We’re calling them ‘real’ because the first three failed to be fun – got a lot of the mechanics corrected, sure – but now the gameplay aces the fun factor.

OK, back to more creature creation!  Updates to follow.  :)