We’re a motley crew with ideas-a-plenty. We don’t discriminate when it comes to the shape or form of a game – we play them all and we hope to make them all. Currently our focus is on Phoenix Covenant, our tactics card game – but we also hope to create digital offerings across many different genres. Feel free to ask us a question or contact us anytime!

Our Team


My name’s Easwaran, but I often go by Izzy.
What I love:
Games (of all genres)
Books (of all genres)
Movies (of all genres…’cept maybe horror)
Talking to people of all genres…whoops got a little carried away there.
Enjoying the outdoors (though I don’t see nearly enough nature these days)

What I hate:
Doing bio’s. Roaches – except for the one from Wall-E – he’s pretty awesome.


Robyn can be soft-spoken about many things except for art and design. She has a passion for quality and intuitiveness, and loves to paint, whether digitally or in oils. She also enjoys taking naps to recharge, and playing League of Legends.

Originally from British Columbia, Robyn now resides in Toronto where she works as a freelance artist. She’s been keen on the art world since she was in pre-school, and hasn’t stopped the train since. In high school, she won multiple art awards, then went on to receive a 3-year scholarship for a college in Toronto. She left school during her 3rd year to work with an iPad app making company, then was picked up by Corus Entertainment as an Assistant Art Director on Bubble Guppies, Season 2. After over a year of working, she decided to return to school to finish her education and pull back to really analyze her choices.

Passionate about games, she hopes to contribute art to the gaming industry for a long time to come. Her favorite games vary across all genres and platforms, though her most recent ones are League of Legends and Persona 4. Aside from games, she’s also the lead singer in the pop-punk game band Press Start 2 Play.

Contact her with questions or comments: robyn@hikarigames.com



Adam’s a geek, and damn proud of it. His list of interests is over 9000. He handles a boatload of things for the studio, but one thing he loves the most is getting out there with playtesters and fellow gamers, getting insight or shooting the breeze about any game that’s become the new hotness.

He’s been dabbling in game design for quite a while; His first attempt was a mash-up of Monopoly and Risk called Aggressive Business Takeover, which yes, was a game-mod where you could hire banditos to raid opponents’ railroads or muscle your way out of jail or rent payments. Ever since then, he’s fascinated by crisp, elegant mechanics and loves a good game – tabletop or digital. While silly, two of his favorite things to do are run comms in Space Alert – or the Fool in Masquerade.

He’s also totally willing to chat about game design, themes, and to help out anyone with an interest in the games industry, social-impact-related entertainment, or education. Feel free to reach out at adam@hikarigames.com or 646.946.1465.



A lifelong gamer, which he insists is genetic (his dad’s Civilization and Zelda binges are the stuff of legends), Sriraman does design, marketing and anything else that needs doing to make Phoenix Covenant a reality. He’s been known to exclaim ‘Capitalism, Ho!’ about the workplace.

Whether, it was the Monopoly and Star Wars mashup that he and his twin designed (every game is better with an RPG component), or a 7th grade school project that turned into designing Life’s natural successor, Sriraman has always liked designing games. He is also an avid consumer and novice creator of many types of media, from books to TV to anime to games. While he doesn’t have as much time as he’d like to play Mage Knight or rewatch Avatar the Last Airbender, he loves sinking his teeth into a new game/show/book when he gets the chance.

After a stint in the finance industry, he decided to pursue one of his original passions and now he’s part of the Phoenix Covenant team. Interested in just about everything, he’s always open to chat about games (Transistor anyone?), design, books, the weather, or even swap life stories. Reach out to him at sriraman@hikarigames.com.



Meet the team! We’re a nerdy bunch. And we love it.

And we’re cool to work with, so if you’re interested in learning more about us, our company, and what it takes to be part of the team, shoot us an email!



Soren’s over in Japan right now, so he’s a bit booked up at the moment. Bio coming soon, but generally speaking, he’s a humble & funny guy who loves games of all sorts.

coming soon!

Why We Do What We Do

Because games are great.

Games have been a passion of ours for as long as we can remember and we want to give back to this art form that has brought us so much joy. We want to create games that offer exceptional and unexpected experiences – the kind of ones you reminisce about (or the ones you’re still playing) in 10 or 20 years. Or using your shiny new time machine in 50 years to return – just to buy that sweet first edition.