Keep you in-the-know: Sweet Rewards + A New Expansion!

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Hey All,

POF Set Announcement

We’ve been at a bunch of conventions, game shops, and live on a handful of podcasts, so we’re a bit groggy :D All that said, we know that you have your own traveling schedule (and we hope you enjoy a lovely Easter weekend!) and sometimes that might mean you can’t make every convention you’d want to go to. Trust us, we get it. So, in case you don’t know, you don’t need to travel many many miles just to pick up our amazing Power of Friendship set (though you will get each free with a purchase of a PCov gamebox at the various conventions we’ll be at) – you can get them right here on our site’s shop or by contacting us directly. The set of cards is awesome; you have a bunch of different tricks that you can play on your opponents and all the while, making sure your friends – and their armies – stay safe!

Might as well let a little more details out about our to-be-released this-year expansion!

A lot of you have offered some great insight about the game, and about the things that you would love to see in it. And we want to offer you some cool gameplay, whether you are a new, incoming player, or a veteran of the great battle arena.

Our expansion will feature 2 playable decks with some new perspectives on some existing mechanics, and some hints at mechanics-to-come. We want to create a good tactical experience with these, especially since for many people not-yet reading this newsletter, this will be their first entry into the PCov universe. For you, it will be more of an adventure, and so we’re doing what we can to make it awesome in more ways than one.

For instance, some themes that many of you have talked about wanting to see will be featured throughout the decks. More swamp beasts from the mires of Tenska where the lizardfolk live, a deeper idea about the magic and intrigue that are at-play in the world of the Callistans, and what the challenges of devoting oneself to following a Tenskan Paragon Path might be, whether it is the path of the Warrior, Shaman, Scholar, Sentinel, or Teacher. And yet, the expansion will have many more units and spells that have less involved card-text, so you and your friends can enjoy the game how-ever you like, in casual play or in high-depth strategic play.

Originally, we were calling these “vanilla” units and spells because they offered fewer abilities than the usual card and some were only sporting their stats and basic characteristics like Armor. But, given the tactical challenges that you can get into in the game, there is so, so much that these new cards offer! So it will be a fun time for all.

If you’d like to help with later-stage playtesting for any of the cards, contact us today.
As always, we have been open to all suggestions and advice from the community and frankly, the game wouldn’t be where it is today without your dedication and amazing input. By the way, to bring back something fun from earlier – here’s a community-poll about what Tenskan (lizardfolk) Paragon Path might YOU follow – tell us your thoughts!