That’s not my x-ray, but still, being sick sucks.

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Wish I could say otherwise, but it’s been a really rough week. I’ve had to lessen up on some of the work I’ve been doing (putting final touches on card design, working out the particulars of manufacturing, making sure we have all of the logistical things in line, etc), but we’ve also been moving around work responsibilities to make sure my sickness doesn’t affect things negatively.

Anywho, we’ll send out some official updates on a bunch of things soon and I’m converting some other, older KS-backer updates to blog posts, so look out for more beautiful artwork, and some inside view into the development process for PCov.

Oh, and check here for our official (and still being updated from folks BackerKit Surveys) Wall of Backers! Thanks to all those who have shared such amazing support!