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The Game

Triumph over the Cataclysm

You’re a new recruit trying to prove yourself in the Legion’s grueling tests. Battle rivals to prove that you’re a commander that The Five need in order to stop the Cataclysm and earn your place amongst their great champions.

Lead the Charge

Phoenix Covenant is a Tactics Battle Card Game that emphasizes player control, true strategy and tactics, and player interaction.

Outmanuever your opponents by constructing strong, armored formations, and outflank opposing forces to attack their weakpoints and score critical hits. You can even press the attack by summoning units adjacent to commanders located anywhere on the battlefield, paving the way to a sure victory.

And if all seems lost, hurl spells in response to enemy attacks and build defensive structures on the battlefield and hunker down.

Your destiny is in your decisions, Commander. Choose wisely and claim your place among the greatest of the Legion!

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Basic Training

Learn more about Basic Tactics in this demo video.

Or try your tactical prowess in our Advanced Tactics demo video.

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You can download the basic print-n-play and try out the tactics & interplay.


The Story

The Universe & The Cataclysm

There was once balance in the Universe. But those were the days long ago.

Now, worlds are dying, as if someone toys with fate itself, shredding the very fabric of the universe. This spectre does not distinguish between gods and men, all are crushed beneath the feet of what can only be called…The Cataclysm.

The Five & The Covenant

Seeing the torment thrust upon the Universe, The Five seek to combat the destruction and discord brought by The Cataclysm. These great beings have protected and guided the Worlds since the beginning and have never seen such a peril as this one. While immensely powerful, The Five are also victims of the forces of The Cataclysm and to preserve their power, created a World-between-Worlds where they and others may plot a way to turn the tide.

In this new realm, The Five joined together, constructed a Great Capital, and formed the Phoenix Covenant. Through this pact they hope to unite the Worlds torn asunder by The Cataclysm and find a way forward to restore order. They now call commanders from every World to join the Legion in a quest to discover the sources of The Cataclysm and save what remains of the Universe.

The Factions

The Midlands

The Midlands

The Ravaged Lands

The Ravaged Lands

Tír na Ten

Tír na Ten

The North

The North

The Midlands

A once idyllic place, the meadows & fields of Callisto and the swamps of Tenskatawa have since been thrown into anxiety, worry, and fear. These former safe-havens for their respective peoples are in dire trouble. Human and Halfling Callistans must seek balance and alliance with the Tenskan Lizardfolk in order to restore their fortunes.  Learn more…

The Ravaged Lands

The united, proud peoples of the mountain ranges off from distant Callisto enjoyed many years of growth, prosperity, and joy. Sadly, these days are over due to sudden and ruthless assaults by dragons and marauders. The now-Ravaged-Lands are not suitable for peaceful living, so these proud peoples must choose their path to a new future.  Learn more…

Tír na Ten

The “Land of Heaven” joins two dimensions of beings on this distant world. The spirits, fae, and sidhekami held sway over much of the Spirit World and gently guided the Animal Clans toward harmony. Then, with discord thrust upon these realms, the Clans battle for supremacy while the Spirit World suffers confusion and torment.  Learn more…

The North

Forced into exile decades ago, the Northerners know no master or king. They have forged a new land against all odds – rooted in the great innovations and technologies that they have discovered and built. But in the frozen Northlands there is persistent and tenacious danger that continues to challenge their ferocious independence.  Learn more…



It’s very easy to learn … [and] it’s a really good tactical game … I really dig this game … there’s plenty of varied gameplay.Dan 'The GeekJock', The Geek All-Stars
This thing is amazing. I am 100% behind this game. It is wonderful … and I highly encourage you to check it out.John Adams, SuperAwesomeGeekShow
The game really only takes 10-15 minutes to learn … I had a great time with it, and I really can’t wait to see the final product.Robert Kalajian, Purple Pawn
When I got the demo box I was ecstatic. I ripped open the box and proceeded to play it over and over and over. I couldn’t stop.Pixxy, LORT Nation
LORT Nation
League of Nonsensical Gamers
A game that rewards multiple plays…and lives up to the description ‘Magic the Gathering meets Final Fantasy Tactics.’Tiffany 'The Socially Inept Gamer', via The League of Nonsensical Gamers
It’s a card game with a minis feel to it … I love the tactical gameplay.Marty, Rolling Dice & Taking Names
Rolling Dice and Taking Names
NVS Gameplays
I was absolutely loving the time I spent with the game. It feels really fresh.NVS Gameplays
A beautifully rendered melange of Magic: the Gathering and Final Fantasy Tactics, [and] a deeply satisfying play for lovers of both CCGs and strategy games.The Care and Feeding of Nerds, Boston FIG Round-Up
Care and Feeding of Nerds

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